FAQ – What Brides want to know when planning a wedding in Venice

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1) What is your rate for the planning of a wedding?

  1. For wedding budgets under € 100.000,00 there is a flat fee of € 10.000
  2. For wedding budgets over € 100.000,00 we are going to prepare a tailor-made fee proposal.
  3. 2) Will there be somebody of your office to coordinate the wedding? 

  4. The day of the wedding there is the planner + 1 or 2 assistants according to the number of locations involved and number of guests.
  5. A certain number of hostesses will be necessary in order to assist the guests for the logistic and this part will be charged separately.
  6. 3) Can you coordinate only part of the wedding? 

  7. This is a service we don’t do anymore. We like to be involved in all the planning of the wedding in order to make sure the result is up to the our standards.
  8. If there are some suppliers you would like to involve, we can definitely bring them aboard if we are sure they will deliver a good service.
  • 4) Are you making the design of the wedding? 

  • What I like to say is that “we are planners and not designers”; during the years it happened to design some events but it’s not our main business.
  • We can definitely help you putting together a nice mood-board and color palette and involve the suppliers in develop the style you chose.
  • Anyway we like to have professional designers. This way you can have a bigger variety of designs and a rendering of the events if necessary.


  • 5) Are there any locations where we can party until late? 

  • In most of the locations you can party until 2/3AM which is normally a good time to end a party.
  • If you are looking into very late options, we have a selection of locations where is possible to see the sun coming up!
  • 6) Do the venues provide all the services? Like sound system and forniture?  

  • Most of the venues have basic or limited material for events. For each location you chose, we will explain exactly what can be included and what we need to rent.


  • 7) Do you have a good cake designer in Venice? Can we have a monumental cake in Venice?

  • In Venice we have some exquisite pastry shops, we collaborate with them if you are looking for a classic Italian style cake.
  • If you would like to have a monumental cake, we collaborate with pastry shops located in the mainland, for example in Padua; we are going to take care of the transportation to the venue as well.


  • 8) Shall we provide drinks before / after the ceremony? 

  • Before the ceremony, specially in the hot months, we suggest to serve some mineral water. Immediately after the ceremony, is a nice gesture to have some soft drinks and a glass of sparkling wine.
  • 9) There is any Kosher catering in Venice? 

  • Yes, in Venice there are two Kosher catering. We also offer some international options in order to give you a wider selection.
  • 10) We have our favorite catering from abroad, can you assist them? 

  • We give full support to your catering, from the rental of kitchen equipments to the hiring of kitchen helpers and waiters.


  • 11) Shall I pay for the accommodation of my guests?

  • This is a fantastic gesture but not compulsory.
  • During the years we had some couples that decided to take care of every expense of their guests and other who decided to cover only part of the costs, for example the transportation to the venues. So feel free to follow your budget!
  • 12) Do I need to have all the guests at the same hotel? 

  • This depends on the number of guests, and the locations involved.
  • We can assist you in finding the perfect solutions for you and your guests. If guests are not staying in the same hotel we will organize their transfers to the parties.


  • 13) How many persons can we have on each water taxi? 

  • We suggest to have a maximum 10 persons per water taxi.
  • If you are traveling with luggage we suggest a maximum of 6 persons and 6 bags per boat.
  • 14) Is the transportation very expensive in Venice? 

  • First of all the transportation by water taxi shall be considered as a beautiful part of the Venetian experience.
  • You can choose between normal water taxies or the wooden water limousines. They have different costs of course and we will be happy to give you the two options.
  • Another difference in price is according to the number of guests, there is an extra fee after 6 persons on board.
  • What I can promise is that we will optimize the use of the boats according to the program so you can save as much as possible.
  • 15) Can we have the guests traveling by gondola to the parties / ceremony? 

  • The transportation by gondola is definitely a very fascinating option.
  • I suggest this if the distance to navigate is not too big, we are in the warm season and we are not in a tight schedule : ).

  • 16) When shall we send the Save the date?

  • This answer depends on how busy your guests are.
  • Usually we suggest to send a save the date 8 to 12 months in advance.
  • 17) When shall we send the invitations? 

  • We suggest doing this 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding day. We can create a nice design for you with our printing company so you can drop them easily via email.
  • 18) Can you take care of the invitations? 

  • Yes of course! We can produce the invitations and ship them from our office to all over the word
  • 19) Shall we make a website for our guests? 

  • It’s a great way to save your time and the time of your guests. There are several programs available to create one. We can guide you through the different possibilities.


  • 20) Can we get married in a Sinagogue in Venice? 

  • The Jewish weddings can be celebrated in the Spanish Synagogue, in the Jewish Ghetto of Venice. It’s a beautiful ancient synagogue.
  • If you would like to get married in a Synagogue here in Venice, remember a Kosher meal shall be considered for the reception.
  • 21) Can we get a civil wedding in different locations from the Town-Hall? 

  • Civil weddings can be celebrated at Palazzo Cavalli (the town-hall) and at Palazzo Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, the actual seat of the Casino of Venice.
  • Unfortunately it’s not possible to celebrate civilly outside of these buildings.
  • An alternative can be organising a symbolic wedding and organising your civil one in your country.
  • 22) Do you produce symbolic weddings? 

  • Touch-full, personalised beautiful symbolic weddings.. yes we love doing them!
  • 23) Can I get married in a catholic church? 

  • Yes, there are some beautiful churches where non-residents can get married.
  • 24) Can we have music in the church? 

  • Yes, we usually arrange a string quartet + 1 organist & a soprano.


  • 25) Do you accept credit card payments? 

  • Yes, we accept payments by credit card with a 3% surcharge on the transaction to cover the bank costs.
  • 26) How do we pay the suppliers? What are the deadlines for the payment? 

  • For your convenience we suggest we take care of all the payments with the suppliers.
  • We are going to include all the costs in our detailed master bill and inform you about the payments deadlines. This will save a lot of your time and help you taking out any stress on you.


  • 27) What’s the best time of the year to get married? 

  • Weather is always unpredictable nowadays all over the world.
  • Venice is very fascinating during all the seasons but if you want to have mild weather the best months usually are: May, June, end of August, September, beginning of October.
  •  28) Is there the risk to have high water in Venice? 

  • Exceptional high tides are not a common phenomenon.
  • “Normal” high tides mostly happen in fall and winter. This means you need to wear rubber boots to walk in some low areas of the city.


  • 29) Do you have local bands? 

  • We do have a wide selection of bands from local to international ones. When we understand the mood we want to give to the different events we will suggest the performers accordingly.


  • 30) Do you have some local photographers and videographers you like? 
  • There are some amazing local photographers and videographer we can suggest you.
  • 31) I would like to take my videographers / photographers from abroad, can you assist them with the logistic?

  • Yes, we will give them full support to work here. In the past we have worked from photographers from different countries, from Australia to USA, to Singapore and more.. we are here to help you!


  • 32) Shall we allow taking the children to the wedding?  

  • This is a very personal decision… we love to involve them especially in the ceremony.
  • 33) Do you have baby sitting service? 

  • We have professional multilingual baby sitters that will entertain children of all ages.


  • 34) Are we obliged to make more than one event? 

  • With destination weddings we suggest to have at least two main events inclusive of the wedding reception.
  • Since your guests are traveling from other countries having  a welcome night the day before the ceremony it’s something they will appreciate.
  • 35) Can I have a big wedding in Venice with many guests? 

  • Venice has a very big selection of venues, from private palaces facing the Grand Canal, merchant warehouses, ancient shipyards, private islands and more!
  • 36) Shall we leave tips to the suppliers? 

  • Tipping in Italy is not compulsory. Anyway it is a very much appreciated gesture.
  • If necessary we can help you defining the right gratuity for the different suppliers.


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