Tom & Annie’s winter wedding in Venice

4 Mar 2016 | Weddings

Thomas and Annie met each other 8 months ago.

As Annie replied to everyone asking if they weren’t getting married too early: “When you know you know”. And yes, we believe when you love someone, you just know.
Now matter what age you are and how long you have been together.

Tom & Annie started their journey together getting married in Venice.
Their intimate winter wedding has been a joyful breath of fresh air and our greatest satisfaction was seeing love and happiness in their eyes.

Annie was surrounded by her four beautiful sisters and arrived to the church after a luxurious gondola ride through the Grand Canal with her father.

The photographer caught a great picture of Annie’s father looking at her between her four sisters: there was so much complicity going on between those four fabulous girls!

When Annie arrived at the entrance of the church with her four sisters, she was radiant.
She entered the church without hesitation and she reached Tom’s side by walking on the red carpet full of rose petals.

The ceremony was intimate and touching, with some funny moments: the groom nearly tripped over the altar’s steps and everyone burst out laughing. 

After the ceremony, Thomas and Annie took some time inside the church to talk on their own.
They took some time to talk about their feelings and their new adventure together, before exiting the church and start celebrating with their guests.

At the moment of the Wedding cake, fireworks illuminated the entire rooftop terrace with a terrific view on the city! We couldn’t think of anything more romantic than dancing on the top of the Venice skyline.

By looking at their wedding day’s pictures, their love and spontaneous joy truly stand out.

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