Once upon a time… A wedding by the beach in Venice

15 Nov 2018 | Weddings

Sergio Leone discovered this stunning setting to film one of the most romantic scenes of Once Upon A Time in America, when Noodles (Robert De Niro) wanted to surprise his fiancé with an exclusive dinner in one of the most ancient and charming ballroom in Venice by the ocean.

Instead, we have proposed the same setting to one of our lovely couple this year, Giada & Alberto. They had only one and specific request: “a breathtaking place, an elegant location on the beach where we dream of walking barefoot on the sand while we pronounce “Yes I do” surrounded by the sound of the sea”.


Said and done…the Hotel Excelsior was the perfect backdrop ever! Since the first site inspection it’s been love at first sight and immediately we started imaging the ceremony by the beach with the sea view, salty perfume, sand under the feet, delicate and pastel colors and soft fabrics; then a sparkling and bumpy cocktail on the Sea Terrace, as they are, two souls that love their freedom and craziness.


To crown it all, a sophisticated dinner at the Sala degli Stucchi, completely covered by its own white stucchi and mirrors to reflect the natural shades of the room and the flowers.

A vibrant touch to the whole design has been taken by the tropical flower arrangements, which played a leading role in all the locations: buttercups, little daisies, dandelions and little prince proteas with their lively colors donated a modern touch to an ancient and glorious ballroom of the 1914.


And so it’s been…crowned by a shining and sunny day which amplified the beauty of the colors and went the extra mile to a fairytale and flawless wedding on the beach!

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