A Reunification of Two Soulmates, the Jewish Wedding Ceremony in Venice

15 May 2013 | Weddings

A beautiful morning of May.
Under the light of a tepid spring sun in the eldest Jewish Ghetto of the world, preparations for our wedding are taking place.
White roses to recover the chupa, dainty sweets for the Choisson Tisch, and prayers in the Badekin.
Our wonderful bride arrives with all the female family members and she is really excited.
The groom enters and after having seen his lady the cerimony can start.
Following the notes of” Meheyro” and “Riboyono Shel Oylom” they are escorted by their parents at the chupa where the Rabbi validates the contract. Finally the groom stomps and shatters the glass; customarily to the crowd’s jubilant shouts of “Mazal Tov”

After a short period spent in the yuchud, everybody takes pictures and the just married couple leave on a gondola to reach the guests at Granai Della Repubblica, on the lovely Giudecca Island. Call us for best Destination Wedding Planner in Italy.

stunning dinner set up
stunning dinner set up

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