10 ways to make your Wedding in Venice Kids Friendly!

11 Feb 2016 | Weddings

Weddings can be very boring for kids: uncomfortable clothes, never-ending ceremonies and a lot of waiting and standing while adults celebrate. By dinner time, kids tend to be exhausted and unhappy. With some little tricks you can turn your wedding into a dream party for both adults and kids!

1 – Kids’ welcome kit 

In Venice, we love welcoming kids with a special kit: a gondolier’s hat and a striped t-shirt, a colouring book about the city, a Venetian mask, balloons.. and much more!

2 – Kids’ space

Let kids have their own dedicated space with cushions, games, candies, fresh fruit juices.

This way, they can relax anytime they want to.

3 – Baby sitters 

Baby sitters will be a fundamental reference point for the kids: they will gain kids’ trust with kindness and beautiful games. This way, kids will not annoy the parents for every little thing. 


4 – Allow them to join you anytime they want

kids should have a dedicated space with games and activities but they should feel free to join their parents anytime they want to! 

This way, when your kids will come to your table they will always be smiling.


5 – Jongleur

A jongleur will gather all the guests: kids will take active part in the show and they will love it!


6 – Kids menu

Make sure kids have their own dedicated menu with french fries, small hamburgers, fresh fruit juices, and a lot of yummy things to nibble!


7 –  Ice cream cart

Kids will not believe their own eyes: an ice-cream cart just for them!

8 – Barefoot!

Make sure the party venue have some open air space for kids! They will enjoy running and jumping and playing on the ground.

9 – Dive in! 

If the venue has a swimming pool advise the kids to bring a swimming suit. Of course by the swimming pool there will be the baby sitter and a lifeguard. Children will have fun in complete safety.

10 – Give them responsibility 

Include them in the ceremony, making them bring the rings or throw flower petals on the floor. 

They will feel important and will put a lot of effort in their tasks… all the guests will love them! 


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