10 Special Advices for a Perfect Wedding Day!

7 Mar 2016 | Weddings

Every bride makes some small mistakes when she decides to get married.
With our advices, it will be easier to avoid them:

  1. Book in advance: if you already have in mind the venue of your dreams, don’t wait until the last second to book it! Most of the most beautiful places have a waiting list of several months!
  2. Having a royal wedding dress: having a “Princess Diana” dress and then decide to get marry in the city hall (even if it is the prestigious Cavalli Palace on the Grand Canal in Venice) may not be the smartest choice…​
  3. The legal to-do list: If you decide to get married in a foreign country (let’s say Italy, maybe Venice) make sure everything is ok with the documents before going to the Townhall. The documents are a fundamental, more than flowers!
  4. Decors VS Venue: remember to always think about the venue before planning the decor. Same for the wedding dress: choosing the one before the other can be a total disaster!
  5. Think about a back up: a wedding in the open air is really romantic, but you should also consider a back up in case of bad weather.
  6. Take some time to look at the details of your wedding ceremony and reception: the  decors are very important and you will remember your great day also through these when you will look at your wedding photos.
  7. Keep it simple: follow Coco Chanel’s rule “take off something before going out”! Don’t overdo with the decorations, or it will be hard to keep an elegant and delicate atmosphere.
  8. Make up: take your time to enjoy your professional make up artist, the time for the preparation should be a relax moment.
  9. Don’t forget to eat: so many things to do and so many people to talk to… and at the end of the day you and your groom are starving! Always remember that it is your day, so don’t be ashamed to take some time to grab some food.
  10. Bouquet: some flowers composition are really hard to match with wedding dresses (or any dress). Bring a photo of your wedding dress when you will go to your florist meeting, and he will know how to suggest you properly.
  11. You can’t do it all alone! If you really want to enjoy your special day, you have to stop thinking about the organisation and the schedule time. Just enjoy every moment of your perfect day!God created wedding planners to help you arrive safely at the end of the day, and without a care!

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