Some Instructions from the Venetian Carnival… 5 Advices to be prepared for a colossal experience

2 Feb 2016 | Travel Ideas




To be prepared at best for a luxurious private masked party is not always easy, so here below you will find some guidelines to follow:

  1. Book in advance! If you want to organise your own mask ballroom or if you just want to partecipate, remember that you need to reserve at soon as possible to be sure to have the best experience;
  2. Prepare your own mask: the true meaning of Carnival is to hide ourself to esternate our creativity, so the best thing to do is to buy unique masks… or to have it prepared by true masked artists (contact us if you will like the experience)
  3. Taste our delightful frittela! Only during Carnival, pastries and bakeries prepare a typical fried Venetian dessert, that you can taste in different flavours: cream, zabaione, chocolate, chantilly cream, apple, ricotta cheese or the simplest ones, Veneziane, just with dried grapes of sultana.
  4. Try creative costumes in the best atelier of Venice: here you can find a wide choice of historical dresses, or also some innovative unique ones, that you will totally love to wear.
  5. And the most important of all: have fun in Saint Mark’s Square, the heart of Venetian Carnival!

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