Dinner in the Sky, finally in Venice!

14 Jun 2013 | Travel Ideas

Suspended in the air, high above the dazzling Venetian canals, your table awaits…

The summer is set to sparkle as Hotel Cipriani teams up with 5th Events to bring you a dining experience like no other.

Between 19 and 23 June, take your seat on a platform hovering 50 metres above the hotel’s swimming pool. You’ll be safely strapped in while you are served a delicious menu, prepared by Cipriani’s executive chef Renato Piccolotto or Roberto Gatto of the Cip’s Club. Experienced high-flying staff will attend to your every need.

Both guests of the hotel and visitors can enjoy the full dining experience, or take to the air for an exciting session of airborne aperitifs and finger food.
Choose from:

– Aperitif and finger food sessions last 30 minutes and are scheduled for 5:15, 6:00 and 6:45pm. Rates from €50 per person
– Three-course dinner sessions, including wines, are scheduled for 8:00 and 9:30pm. Rates from €250 per person

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