Amalfi Coast: a breathtaking coastline!

15 May 2014 | Travel Ideas

Italy offers lots of magic and beautiful places to discover, exploring it from the North to the South: the Amalfi Coast is one of these treasures.

It is one of the 49 Italian sites included by Unesco in the World Heritage List.

The coast looks like a beautiful balcony overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea with Lattari mountains behind; it is a typical example of Mediterranean landscape, with cultivations of vines, olive trees and citrus fruits.

Moving around in this corner of paradise we can find many beautiful villages offering a very warm and intimate atmosphere. Positano, for example, the beautiful Sorrento, Amalfi, which gives name to the coast itself, overlooking a sea of ​​stunning colors, and Ravello, characterized by its very elegant villas.

In the background you will admire the Vesuvio Vulcano which makes the view even more unique. It would be an interesting experience to have a guided tour on it…

Finally, we cannot forget the famous and refined Mediterranean cuisine, that reaches its climax in these region.

You cannot miss these corners of Italy, suitable for a relaxing stay and surrounded by marvelous landscapes.

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