Where to go and what to see in Venice this week!

22 Feb 2016 | My Venice

Venice has superb highlights that will always represent its richness and splendour, but this incredible island has a live soul that renews itself, proposing to its audience incredible news and opportunities: shows, exhibitions, concerts and plays will complete your Venetian experience!

  • Tre Oci/Tre Mostre: this successful format arrived at the 4th edition, opening the photographic season of 2016 in Venice. Here you will experience a visual path of comparison between contemporary language and the great tradition of Venetian photography.
  • Postwar Era. A Recent History. Homages to Jack Tworkov and Claire Falkenstein: this exhibition offers a fresh perspective on American and European art in the period between the end of World War II through 1979, at the prestigious Peggy Guggenheim collection.
  • Winter at palazzo Fortuny: 4 different exhibitions that will lead you into a magic world, from painting and drawings to photographs, guided by a tribute to a woman, Henriette Fortuny.
  • A Tale of Costumes: at the space Louis Vuitton in Saint Marc, you will partecipate to a dialogue between generations and different looks that tell through three suits: stories of people and different places in the frame of the Serenissima.
  • Plays at the Avogaria Theatre – Love interrupted, women on the verge of nervous breakdown, surreal comedy: six meetings organised by the Teatro a l’ Avogaria up to 22 March 2016, to show some of the most interesting performances of the new national dramaturgical scene.
  • Anton Bruckner, Sinfonia n. 8 in do minore WAB 10 at Fenice Theatre: the concert on February 27th will be preceded by a free admission meeting with the musicologist Roberto Mori, who will illustrate the music program in the Apollonian Halls of Teatro La Fenice.
  • Choreographic collision – what is classic? During February 25th, you can partecipate at an extraordinary opportunity for experimentation, research and production support at the Goldoni Theatre.

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