Venice 4 kids! Lots of funny things to do!

19 Sep 2017 | My Venice

Venice is a city that lends itself to many types of activities and it is able to meet the needs of different age groups; in fact, it can just transform and become suitable even for kids!

Usually when we organize a trip to Venice, we tend to think of it as ‘adult-sized’, so we think we would encounter a bit ‘ also the interests of children.

In fact, we thought tours and activities on the ‘ small ‘ size!

It would be extremely funny to organize painting sessions around the city, where little artists can portray hidden views of Venice and then relax and unwind from the stress, enjoying a delicious ice cream sitting in the sun.

Or…let’s become little chefs for a day! Starting with shopping at the Rialto’s market and then taking a real cooking class with a chef… moms, then you will have no more thoughts in preparing the dinner!

And then, just for the fact that Venice is a city with lots of hidden corners that has to be discovered, , we devised a treasure hunt around the city!

Kids become ‘grown up’ for one day! We propose a typical Venetian day organized as a treasure hunt…starting with a pastry in one of the most famous confectionaries of Venice, going on visiting sights of the city, shopping at Rialto’s market and many others things …with a camera with you, to capture every moment of this experience!

Venice 4 Kids! Venice 4 Kids! Venice 4 Kids!



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