Surroundings of Venice all to be discovered: the Venetian Villas

7 Mar 2014 | My Venice

The surroundings of Venice offer the chance to visit and soak in the atmosphere and reality of the so-called Venetian Villas and Palladian Villas.

These were built in the mid-sixteenth century by the architect Andrea Palladio for the most important and wealthy families of the place.

The best way to visit the Villas is to create a route in which art, culture and nature create a wonderful mix .

The Villas offer, as well as some beautiful and interesting visits among sumptuous gardens, fountains, and an outstanding architecture, a full program of events including guided tours, shows, concerts, traditional festivals and wine tasting.

One of the biggest and most famous is Villa Foscari La Malcontenta along the Brenta Canal.

Villa Contarini is one of the largest among the Venetian Villas, with a large park on the back of over 40 acres with ponds, temples, lakes and tree-lined avenues.

No less important are Villa Emo, with its immense and minimal park at the back, Villa Barbaro, with its mysterious secret garden, and many others.

So, if you want to enjoy scenery where the green of parks and meticulously manicured gardens is the dominant color, where you are surrounded by sumptuous architecture and art of particular ornamental grace, everything in harmony with nature and environment, a journey through the wonder of the Venetian Villas it is definitely worth it!

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