Shopping Experience in Venice

1 Mar 2016 | My Venice

Are you looking for a unique shopping experience? Venice has exclusive ateliers, secret textile factories and traditional Murano glass laboratories!

Surrounded by precious textiles, silks and exclusive textures you will travel back in time in another age: more precisely, in the luxurious and royal Venetian Renaissance golden era!

If you are looking for high-end fashion brands, it is also possible to visit the finest fashion maisons and brands in the city centre.

In the colourful islands of the Venetian lagoon, you can buy the worldwide famous Burano merletto, the traditional laces. 

During you shopping experience in this enchanted island, don’t forget to taste the delicious buranei Venetian biscuits!

Last stop is Murano island, famous for the antique art of glass blowers: here you can visit a factory to learn all the secrets of the masters, and buy artistic and unique glass pieces!

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