Going out for a spritz tonight?

4 Feb 2014 | My Venice

After a long and weary day, one of the best things you can do to relax yourself in this beautiful city is, for sure, having a spritz with friends enjoying their company.

You need first to know that the so-called spritz is a typical venetian wine-based cocktail, served as aperitif.

It’s prepared with Prosecco wine, a dash of some bitter liqueur, such as Aperol, Cynar, Campari or Select, and sparkling mineral water.

Going back a few years to look for the origins of spritz, we will find out an interesting story: everything began when Venice was part of the Austrian Empire and Austrian soldiers used to ‘spray’ strong wines from Veneto region with sparkling water.

Thus, the name of this typical aperitif comes from the German verb ‘spritzen’ meaning spray.

So why don’t you enjoy a spritz in one of the most characteristic bars in Venice?

And even better, why don’t’ you admire a breathtaking sunset over the lagoon while sipping your venetian drink?

Some suitable places for this type of experience are the so famous and characteristic ‘Paradiso Perduto’, the area of the so-called ‘Erbaria’, full of typical aperitif bars as ‘Al Mercà’ and finally, for a more refined experience, ‘Lavena’  in St. Mark’s Square.

You cannot miss this tradition if you want to feel and live the pleasant, real and genuine atmosphere of this amazing city.

paradiso perduto

Spritz with a view

Having a Spritz in San Marco Square.


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