Sebastiao Salgado in Venice “A love letter to the Earth written through a camera”

11 Feb 2014 | My Venice

“With this project I fell in love with my planet. This work is not about landscapes. It is about love”; with these words Sebastiao Salgado introduces his recent project and provocative exhibition “Genesi”.

Salgado is the most famous and important documentary photographer of our time, author of nine books, Unicef good-will ambassador and honorary member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Sebastiao Salgado

“Genesi” is a photographic travel around the five continents to report the beauty and magnificence of our Planet through some enchanting shoots.

These 200 pictures are exposed at Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice, a fascinating exhibition space overlooking the lagoon.

They are divided in five geographic chapters: Amazzonia, Africa, lands of the South, lands of the North and Natural Sanctuaries, all of them result of years of travelling.

These five sections lead the visitor to discover hidden and pristine places of our Planet.

The purpose of the project is to emphasize the need to safeguard the Earth and to achieve a new harmony among all Nature’s elements, as we can perceive from Salgado’s photographs.

The exhibition, open until the 11th of May 2014, would be an interesting experience and a unique opportunity to see Nature in its essence. 






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