The Queen of Venice’s Parties has returned!

18 May 2016 | Events

Venice was and still is one of the greatest cities to have a party, especially if you are looking for luxury, exaggeration and exotic surprises!

Between the 19th and the 20th Century, lots of wealthy and extravagant foreigners choose Venice as their stage for unforgettable events. In particular, there was a palace that housed the most exclusive parties in Venice: palazzo Venier dei Leoni, a stunning building erected on the Grand Canal during the 18th Century.


One of the most eccentric owners of the palace was the Marquise Casati. She used to set incredible parties, characterised by a truly unique style: nude servants gilded in gold leaf, wax mannequins sat as her guests and live snakes as her jewellery! And last but not least, she was always accompanied by her cute pet, a real leopard!

The same palace was bought in 1948 by Peggy Guggenheim. The great art collector continued the tradition of fabulous parties welcoming the most talented artist of that period: Pollock, Max Ernst and many others used to toast with her in the fairy tale garden and terrace.

During the years, Peggy’s house was transformed in a contemporary art museum. Anyway, parties will never stop at Palace Venier dei Leoni! From May until June, the museum opens its doors after 7pm, inviting its visitors to participate at the Happy Spritz events! The world famous Venetian cocktail spritz and various appetisers are served during the evening, while live music entertains the guests in the lush gardens of the museum. People are free to visit the permanent and the temporary exhibitions with their friends, or simply relax on the spectacular terrace on the Grand Canal!

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