Guest of honor: the GREAT GATSBY… a flawless party in Venice.

14 Nov 2018 | Events

What would you do if you will be given the chance to breath the vibes of the glamorous twenties?

And what if the luxurious nights of the famous tale of Scott Fitzgerald would take place in one of the most elegant destination in the world?

The ancient Granaries of the Belmond Hotel Cipriani were the perfect setting for an exclusive 50° birthday party in Venice.

The old allure of the great Gatsby has been brought back to its splendour for a group of friends from Switzerland reunited for a week end of celebrations, where the fantasy flooded away.

The dress code was impeccable: tuxedos with pastels stripes, sparkly ties, vintage hats, and gold walking sticks for the gentlemen and sleeveless gowns accented with sequins, fringes and long pearl necklaces for the ladies.

At a first glance, the atmosphere was a true throwback to the past glories of that decade.

The accurate attention to the details played an important role, from the idealisation of the theme to its effective realisation.

A set-up to fall in love with: white carpet, black feathers, a forest of candles and lavish accessorises like diamonds and pearls, idealized by the most quoted designer of the moment, Vincenzo Dascanio.

Extraordinary entertainment to light up the mood of the night, with music played from old gramophones and dancers performing the most acrobatic swing.

The result was for sure an event to equal worth with the private, overindulged parties Mr. Jay Gatsby used to hold in his property, but this time with an amazing scenario, Venice and its beauty.

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