Choosing a Museum for your Wedding Reception

5 Feb 2019 | Weddings

Take Venice as the destination for you wedding and you already have an enchanting frame.

Then add the beautifully painted canvas: a white palace on the Canal Grande, with its prefect geometry outlined on the water.

Palazzo Grassi, throbbing heart of the Pinault Foundation, an immacolate venue that opens its doors for the most sophisticated wedding reception.


Here art, culture and refined taste for the elegance find their space of co-existence.

Pastel tones with a predominance of white, pale pink and green marbles can be turned into a contemporary but distinguished set-up that seeks inspirations in the Venetian traditions.

Customized tablecloths with precious Fortuny fabrics embellished with light organic floral decorations and a classy mise en place embodying the sinuous Fortuny patterns.

When the guests arrive from the water entrance, disembarking from the water taxis, the impact is astonishing: the main entrance hall with its longilineal perspective, the two loggie running around its perimeter, the slender columns and the imposing staircase connecting to the upper floors.

The clean architecture of this space inspires beautiful settings and guarantee shameless events.

While sipping a fresh cocktail the guests can enjoy a visit of the temporary exhibitions on the first and second floor before taking their seat for dinner.

Light up the atmosphere and turn the beats on for the after dinner then!

One step away from Palazzo Grassi is the Teatrino, a reversible location that with its symmetry can be set up with bars, lounge areas and a dance floor to party until late.

If you are thinking of an exclusive wedding with a unique celebration and you are looking for the “Wow” effect, Palazzo Grassi is the answer for everything.

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