The best of Italy driving a Ferrari, let the dream come true!

30 Aug 2013 | Travel Ideas

Are you planning an exclusive holiday in Italy? Have you always thought driving a supercar is just a dream?
Well, Venice First can make that dream came true!

Take your love or best friend on board and discover thanks to our tailor-made programs the best of Italy.

We will make an exciting journey touching the highlights of our beautiful country. You will stay in the finest hotels, enjoy the most exquisite restaurants, always assisted by highly qualified staff. The tour can last from 1 to how many days you want, we will decide the itinerary together, according to your requests.

Discover the splendor Italy’s greatest regions as Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, and the lakes. Drive in the city centers or get lost it the most unknown gems.

Get in touch with us for a customized bespoke Italy experience, let us turn your holiday into the most memorable experience ever!
The “Dolce Vita” is waiting for you:

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