Redentore is the real Venetian celebration!

23 May 2014 | My Venice

The Festa del Redentore in Venice is celebrated on the third weekend of July, with focus on Giudecca Island and it is definitely one of the biggest festivals celebrated in this city.

It was first held in 1577 to celebrate the city’s deliverance from a terrible plague, and the Palladio’s “Redentore”  Church had been commissioned for the same reason.

This event is eagerly awaited by all locals and tourists, who come for the famous and amazing fireworks over Saint Mark’s Basin, that creates on the water spectacular light effects and reflections.

Another typical tradition, and also the oldest, is the Boat Party: thousand of boats decked out with balloons, decorations and brightly coloured lanterns, take place at sunset in the Saint Mark’s Basin and along the Giudecca Canal.

The whole festival is accompanied by lots of food and wine, music and dance, which extend up to the midnight fireworks and then go over with the party along the Grand Canal and in Venice Lido on the beach.

The Festa del Redentore is the opportunity to live Venice  in a festive, magical and typical atmosphere, unique throughout the year.

Spend an unforgettable weekend in the most beautiful city in the world, during one of its most joyful moments.


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Redentore Venice       redentore2 2685277468_75a35dbc13    Festa del Redentore Venice


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